Emotional Clearing Testimonials


Below are letters from some of my clients who chose to generously share their healing journey  by writing a testimonial. The testimonials and names that are being publicly shared have explicit permission from the clients who wrote them. 


Dear Shoshannah,

Working with you has been an amazing journey. I want you to know how much you have helped me in identifying some of the basic issues from my past and bringing into focus the fact that these early experiences with their unresolved emotional charge have been driving the reactions I have to so many situations in the present.

For the past 30 years I have been to talk therapists, often compelled to see them as a result of confrontations with my own growing children. Although these sessions have helped, I was still walking around with a heavy emotional burden which got in the way, a lot, in my relationships.

Working with you has been an entirely different experience. Your persistent and perceptive questions always lead me to the emotional reality and its existence inside of me. Once I acknowledge this dimension, Instead of running or hiding from its presence, we begin the process of "clearing" it together. After each session I come away with the emotional burden much lighter, and in the course of several months, I cannot tell you how much more liberated and integrated I feel.

Thank you, Shoshannah, for being the midwife who has guided and supported me in giving birth to myself, the self with all its fears and strengths, richness and deficiencies: that self which is always in the process of becoming more revealed.

Bracha and hatzlachah in all that you do.
With love and appreciation,
Chana Simpson
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel


From Daniel Levi, Singer/Songwriter and Inspired TAT Practitioner

March 2008 Jerusalem Israel and Chicago, NY:

My work with Shoshannah Sarah was life changing and worth thousands of dollars more than I paid -- really it was a gift from Gd himself. I am the old new person just the way I've always wanted to be. I am free from the sad chains of the past and see my present and future slowly step by step becoming what I hoped it would, and Bezrat Hashem it should continue.

Through our work together I healed completely from my childhood traumas and their effects -- abuse and emotional neglect. From the second session, I felt I really could trust her. I felt understood and accepted; this itself was also very healing.

At first some of these tools can seem a little strange and concerning, but they really work in a lasting and deep way. I have seen no return of my anxiety, low self image, depressive states even close to levels I used to have. I'm much kinder and patient with my wife and children, I've really learned to accept and love myself for how I was created and I'm in the process of acheiving my goals in life.

I love the way Shoshannah integrated her different tools all what seemed to be at the right time. It's totally clear she is guided from above. But not only this, she is very grounded and understands well how to integrate the best of mindbody therapy along with other traditional modalities. I may sound extreme, but I mean it, I'm not one to over exaggerate. Anyone with questions about my experience or doubts to what I say, feel free to contact me and I'll tell you more, Daniel Levi <levi144@yahoo.com

Note: Daniel Levi was so impressed with his own effective ability to heal himself, that he took it on as a life career and has now become a professional Family Therapist & TAT Professional in the States.


 I am presently a client of Shoshannah Sarah. I see her two times a week for an hour and a half each time. In just the past two months that I've been working with her, I have been blessed to see significant changes in how I view my childhood. Once I viewed my upbringing as one I would rather not remember. I now see my past as relatively good, although with a few difficult years and with parents that did the best they could given their resources and skills.

In the past, I subconsciously looked for opportunities to have the childhood I never had. Now, I enjoy living in the present and feel blessed I have the opportunity to do so. I know now that I have a responsibility to be active, rather than passive, in what I want for my relationships and my life's direction. I no longer let other people's desires for me control the way I live my life. I have an increasing sense of trust, joy, and openness to what the present and future {ie.Hashem} may bring.

I also have a new sense of self-confidence which has emerged from being able to let go of experiences that damaged my feeling of self-worth as a child.

What interests me most about this type of therapy is its emphasis on including Hashem in the healing process. What more could you ask for? To be invigorated and renewed as a person combined with receiving a closer connection with Hashem! Thank you, Shoshannah!

D.C., Queens, NY


Dear Shoshannah,
Thank you so much for helping me through a difficult time. I came to you when I needed help with issues surrounding my three-year relationship with my stepdaughter. I came to you feeling very overwhelmed and charged with a lot of negative feelings which I did not think could possibly change.

You worked with me very patiently explaining the procedures step by step. You spent a lot of time with me helping me to work through my feelings with your special techniques. Your patient, calm and reassuring manner made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I was able to master the meridian techniques that helped me get through my feelings.

While we still have more work to do in our relationship, I no longer have the charged emotional feelings I had for so long. I am now able to step back, see the relationship more objectively, and not be upset by it. Thank you Shoshannah for everything. You were truly given a gift, and I sincerely hope that you can continue to help many more people for many years to come as you have helped me.

All the best,
M.L., Monsey , NY


Dear Shoshannah,
I thank you so much for giving me my life back. Before therapy, I was afraid to remarry again. Because of you, I'm allowing the most wonderful man into my life, and I am actually going to marry him on Friday, B"H. I owe this all to you.

I now know that whatever life brings, I know I can handle it. I now realize that my past is just my past and I can look forward to the future in a very positive way. You have given me back my family and my children. I have a good relationship with my kids now, and I truly believe it's because of the energy I'm putting out there, which is very different from before. And that's because of all the healing I was able to do with you. I used to feel that life happened to me. Now I feel that I happen to life.

I don't even know where to begin to thank you for giving me my life back. Your kindness, your humor, your warmth, your ability to know the right questions to ask, to know where to probe, to know how to probe, to know how far to probe, to be able to get to the root causes, the treatments we do. You are an amazing therapist, and a true gift to me. It takes true talent to do what you do so very well. I truly consider you a part of me and a part of my life in the way of eternal friendship. I absolutely adore you as a person.

As a new kallah I want to give you a blessing that Hashem should give you everything you wish for and need in order to have the full and happy life that I now have because of you. I'm getting married on Friday - AMEN!

Love, Gittel

To Shoshannah
For showing me how not to hide
From monsters that lurk deep inside
But to confront them and to say
It's over now and I'm OK.
And for the best gift one can give:
The healing of "I forgive"
For listening so patiently
and introducing me to - me!
Yours – Feige
Neve Yaacov
Terror Victim of a bus attack in Jerusalem
Through The Terror Victims Support Center


I worked with Shoshannah at a very critical time in my life. I thought I was going to get divorced from my husband and I really was going through some mixed feelings. I wanted to clear any resentments I had about the relationship and work in general on my self-esteem. Shoshannah was so present with me through the work we did- I experienced so much loving support and true understanding from her responses. She led me in the energy psychology exercises which are so simple and easy to do. I was surprised to see that it really works because I was able to "let go". I could tell because the negative thoughts and feelings didn't come up in my consciousness. She is really a gift and gives over these techniques from her deepest self because she has integrated it into her own life.

ps... my husband and I are back together and very happy to be working on our issues together in a conscious way. I am sure the work I did with Shoshannah helped us both to this elevation of our relationship.

From a happy client,
Tzfat, Israel


Hi. My name is Marcia and I have been instructed in EFT Protocol and TAT by and with Shoshannah Sarah. Shoshannah shared her wealth of information concerning EFT with me and then kindly led me on several sessions, showing me how to tap and what to say when I do so. Upon the completion of one of these sessions, a particularly nagging and resistant migraine headache I was experiencing lifted, and I felt tremendous relief.

Having been a headache sufferer, I now have this wonderful technique that I apply to myself, whenever I need it for anything else. EFT and Shoshannah Sarah's teaching are fantastic. Shoshannah Sarah is a particularly compassionate and caring healer. When I sat with her to learn and then implement the EFT and later, TAT process, she gently guided me so that I fully understood both processes.

In addition, she made sure that I had, in my hands, copies of these processes to take home with me, so that I could continue to use these modalities on my own. Shoshannah is an incredibly enthusiastic practictioner. Her heart and soul and her every good intention is offered up to her clients in her unique and totally loving, special way.

Having a healing experience with Shoshannah Sarah is rare and life affirming, precious and life improving. She is truly a "Gift from Heaven".

Marcia Weisenfeld , Los Angeles , California


Dear Shoshannah,
I want to thank you for your time and help. The first time we spoke on the phone I was very impressed by the way that you really seemed to want to help me-- the fact that you called me and that we spoke for over a half an hour on what types of things I wanted to work through showed me that you would not be a typical "therapist." Then, once we met, I immediately felt very comfortable with you, and when I walked into your studio, I felt like I was entering into a safe, loving, comfortable environment. I couldn't believe how much I got out of our first session, how much I was able to open up and how much better I felt afterwards. Each session was a little different, but I always felt that each one was catered towards what I needed at that point (sometimes it was to talk longer and sometimes it was to do more clearing techniques), but they were all very helpful and guided me to achieve many of the goals that I had set with you at the beginning. Thank you for your love, guidance, support, techniques, listening ear, and healing environment. I will miss our sessions. I hope to be in touch. H-shem should bless you with continuous strength to help his children to blossom and prosper. H-shem should answer all your tefillot and help you to get closer and closer to Him always. Thanks again for everything.

All my love, Leah

Jerusalem, Israel


Shoshannah - thanks for everything you have given me in the last few months. It has been such a catalyst to getting to myself, being in touch with emotional reality, clearing lots of junk and discovering potential under an anxiety ball!

You have given me so much confidence to be me and I will be forever grateful to you for this. EFT and TAT are fantastic forms of therapy, but as with anything in life, it has to come through the right 'klee' / vessel, and I'm thanking YOU for being an amazing person, therapist and teacher for working with me. I realize that EFT and TAT may be great, but the way in which you've guided it and encouraged me is the secret to that success. May G  always bless you with success in your own life and in helping other people's lives.

With lots of Hakores Hatov (Gratitude), Nikki

Jerusalem, Israel


I warmly recommend Shoshannah Sarah's TAT/EFT healings. Also, she has been very supportive, positive, helpful and caring towards me. Shoshannah she has an amazing ability for finding the right, most effective and deep-working statements to use with these techniques and she knows how to alternate between the different techniques in a very skillful way.

Three months of work with her have already had a deep healing effect on my subconscious mind that makes a big difference in how I react to the most difficult life challenges.

I am able to keep or re-find my emotional balance very much more easily and quickly and I feel more happy and I have more energy. Also, my subconscious 'creation' of experiences on my life path has become much more positive, and my trust in G-od has grown a lot too.

Again, I want to thank you for all your care and help and skills and the deep work we have been able to do together.

Be well, and may you be blessed with ever deepening contact with HaShem, and may you always be able to open up more to G-od's love and healing.

Sarah Shira



The Meaning of Pain Free
By Sarah Symonds
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
May 2009
▪ So much pain!!
▪ Of course things always hurt—that's just the way it was. Just keep moving, just keep doing. Ignore the pain. I repeat, that’s just the way it was.
▪ But then it started getting worse—beyond bearable. I'd already done my share of chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons for the past 30 years. It was always temporary relief.

But I'm getting too far ahead in my story, so let me start at the beginning as to how I came to Shoshannah Sarah.
A year before I started treatment with Shoshannah Sarah, my husband fragmented a disc in his back. Long story short, he wasn't rushed into surgery and started a plan of physiotherapy. A few weeks into recovery, a friend (and patient of Shoshannah Sarah’s) recommended for my husband to see if Shoshannah Sarah could help him. He gave us Dr. Sarno’s books about TMS and we did a lot of reading. The end of that story was that my husband was not a TMS candidate, he got well within a short time, and back pain has not been a recurring problem B”H.

My aches and pains, however, continued. Sometimes my neck and shoulder became critical, always followed by a course of treatment with my favorite chiropractor, or six weeks of physiotherapy. Then the sciatica would act up, back to the chiropractor and/or six weeks of physiotherapy. A vicious circle.

The last time my neck/shoulder became painful, the pain did not go away. I went for X-rays, orthopedic examination, CT scan—but it kept getting worse. Now my entire arm was affected—sometimes painful, sometimes numb. I was up night after night in pain, couldn’t work, and so on.

I dug out Dr. Sarno’s TMS books, reviewed, thought about things, but nothing seemed to help. So I called the friend that recommended Shoshannah Sarah the year before and made that fateful call.

Shoshannah Sarah began to see me right away, used many methodologies in addition to
Dr. Sarno’s method as outlined in his books.

I had a trip planned to the US not long after treatment with Shoshannah Sarah began. Could I be painfree and get the feeling back in my arm by then?

After a lot of writing, reading, and not that many visits with Shoshannah Sarah, I got on the plane with my usual steady ache. It wasn’t all the time any more, but still haunted me.

But now I possessed the knowledge of what was really happening to me, and what was creating this pain syndrom (or at least trying to), and sure enough, not so many hours into the flight, the pain just drifted away.

And did not come back.

Tamar Kagan, Jerusalem Israel

Being treated by Shoshannah Sarah has wrought significant changes in my life. It all started with being cured after one session of EFT from my fear of elevators. EFT is a marvelous tool for the elimination of fears, phobias and pains of all sorts.

We then started working with Dr. John Sarnos' method that heals almost any kind of pain or condition one might suffer from. For the past 30 years I have suffered from SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, or rapid heart beat). In the past five years I have had to be treated in the emergency room at very frequent intervals. An invasive procedure has been strongly recommended, one which I did not want to do.

Fortunately, under Shoshannah's skilled, sensitive and expert treatment, I have been cured. I have had many other manifestations of what is called TMS, the mind body syndrome.

Among my many long term TMS symptoms were the following: a thumping heartbeat, dermatitis, ankle pain, Reynaud Syndrome, anxiety attacks, low blood sugar, sharp shoulder pain, swelling of upper and lower lip, intermittent pains in the groin and more. I have suffered from hay fever for the past 25 years, but this season, after working with Shoshannah on a weekly basis, I simply didn't have it! I am now able to very quickly eliminate the symptoms of TMS that may pop up from time to time.

I am eternally grateful to Shoshannah Sarah for leading me gently and expertly down the path of self knowledge, enabling me to be in control of what happens when my brain tries to divert my attention from the psychological and emotional issues in my life from physical aches and pains thinking that it is protecting me when it is actually doing the very opposite.

I recommend Shoshannah Sarah as a therapist and educator in the most glowing terms; she will turn your life around in the most positive way. I am eternally grateful as I can now lead a normal and productive life.

May 18, 2008 two years later Tamar Kagan had a temporary re-location of her TMS. Here is what she shares:

This morning as I was walking up the steps I suddenly experienced an excruciating pain in my ankle. I could barely put my weight on it, thinking to myself, my goodness I have too much to do today to be laid up with this. Then fortunately I remembered that I have tools to deal with something like this. I whammed it to my brain in no uncertain terms ( realizing that my brain had indeed caught on to something that was bothering me ) and let it know that I am perfectly capable of dealing with it myself . Within 10 minutes this obviously TMS pain was gone!

Thank you Shoshannah!

A TMS CURE for RSI / 2007
Avraham Chaim Apatow

Dear Shoshannah,
I want to thank you for sharing with me your remarkable therapy using the philosophy of Dr. John Sarno. I am a writer and work intensively on the computer. I suffered from Repetitive Stress Syndrome for ten years. During this time it got steadily worse until the point where I could not function. Not only was I unable to work, I could not do all the other activities that completed my life, such as music, writing and exercise. I could not hold a pen or even a light plastic bag. I spent six months lying on the floor resting my neck, shoulders and arms. During this ten years I tried nearly every therapy out there, from alternative chiropractic, yoga, acupuncture, homeopathic, Chinese medicine, etc, etc. All I can say is that all these things were a waste of money and time, and led to further frustration and the worsening of my situation.

Within weeks of learning Sarno's philosophy and working with you, I was nearly fully recovered. After a short period I can say I am now fully functional and recovered from a most painful period of my life, and I am deeply grateful to you for your help. I am back at the computer writing and doing all the other activities that I enjoy in life.

I just want to tell any prospective clients that the philosophy of Sarno is the only clear analysis and path to health that exists for these kinds of problems. This man is a genius and you are a remarkable practitioner of this therapy. Those who suffer from this problem should know that they have come to the end of their search, and they must place trust in this success of this therapy and the awesome wisdom of the body and mind to bring healing to itself.

Best regards and continued success,
with gratitude,
Avraham Chaim Apatow

Rebbetzin Chana Rachel Schusterman
Los Angeles, California

Dear Shoshannah,
I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom, counseling and healing techniques. Learning about TMS helped me to deal with back pain and with other pains that had been coming and going for years. Understanding the way to relate to the mind as a way of keeping the body free of unnecessary tension has been a real help to me. You are an excellent therapist and healer.

With Great Appreciation.
Chana Rachel Schusterman


I had suffered from TMS in a severe form for several years. Over that period of time I was trying numerous treatments and modifications in life style, most of which were totally useless, a few with minor impact only. I skipped some treatment suggestions as it was clear to me they were fake methods that would not provide any help whatsoever other than provide money for the person that gives them. Physical exercise was helping, but too slowly.

At some point my TMS symptoms evolved to a point they made me lose my job after I had taken very strong pain medication for many months to no avail.

During that time I wanted to get better but that wish alone didn't help me, as much as I tried. When I found out about the Sarno method (which is more of a theory of how physical health is controlled by the mind) it made sense to me, and I could recognize that the observations about personality traits that the theory outlines do seem to apply to me. Although I realized that, I could not make the transition to alter my mind to stop causing TMS, mainly because I had no support - I hadn't met anyone who experienced this method and I didn't even find anyone who knew it even exists.

It was only more than a year later after I read about Sarno that I finally found Shoshannah Sarah, a seasoned professional about solving TMS according to the Sarno method, a happening that facilitated my healing.

Shoshannah took me through the process of healing through Sarno's realizations. I was an active participant, but I could not have done it without her guidance. Shoshannah's guidance was truly remarkable.

I can assure you of one thing – this therapy is no fraud! It works, and for the right reasons. It is also not so hard to accomplish this work – you don't have to change your faith system or adopt quirky principles of life that contradict everything you believe. You can believe me when I say this because I am generally a great skeptic.

Unfortunately I came across all this a few years later than I wish I had – and I hope many people will reach for this ASAP if they have problems that are in fact resulting from TMS.

Although I am a very intelligent person, and in touch with my feelings (well, no doubt almost anyone can always improve on this), there is no way I could have done this process without professional guidance. Maybe you are more intelligent and mentally integrated, but I doubt most people would be able to heal on their own.

I am not publishing my name in this testimony, but Shoshannah will connect you to me if you need an identity attached to this.

March 23, 2005
Uriella Sagiv
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Shoshannah,
As I promised, I am writing to record my experience with the Sarno method and its revolutionary approach to healing.

My problem began some 6-7 years ago, shortly after I immigrated to ....Israel..... Living in the Old City of Jerusalem, where cars have no access, I found myself lugging groceries in two mesh shopping bags slung over my shoulders. Many a time I overloaded and ached after. On one particular occasion, I really wrenched by neck-shoulder muscles, and somehow never healed from this episode. During this time, I was also going through a difficult dating situation, which should have, but did not result in marriage. I made no association between my aching neck and my emotional stress though.

The achiness in the neck came and went, but on each return visit seemed to be worse. At this time I discovered the wonders of chiropractice. After a good crack to the neck, it seemed as if the tension locked up there was somehow freed and I felt much better for a while. Sometimes, it took more than one crack, but it always seemed to help.

I explained all this to myself as follows: I had injured my neck carrying heavy packages. It was now the weakest part of me. Whenever I experienced physical overload, this was the part that hurt first and most.

Time went by and I got married. The first year of marriage—as everyone says—proved quite an adjustment. There was a lot of emotional turmoil and stress.

Now my neck was worse than ever. I was awakened most nights with such pain in the neck-shoulder area that it took hours for me to return to sleep. I could find no position that was comfortable. Sometimes the pain and stiffness seemed to affect my whole right side and I could barely get out of bed in the morning—it hurt so much. It seemed worse on Friday mornings, I noticed, especially when I was burdened with Shabbat meal preparation and lots of guests coming.

I was now a weekly visitor to the chiropractor, an expensive proposition. I also tried massage, which was an immediate source of relief but that relief was not lasting. The masseur suggested a physiotherapist's evaluation. The physiotherapist was even more expensive than the chiropractor. He tried deep heat via ultrasound and deep massage, which hurt a lot. He said, I needed a cervical foam pillow, which he sold me. My husband also bought me a latex pillow.

But nothing was helping. I had become more and more of a cripple. I would not carry groceries, take long walks, or pick up my grandchildren. At 50, I was becoming sedentary.

I decided I needed an x-ray to find out what really the matter, and had just gone to a family physician (whom I had met before, because there never was anything wrong with me before) got prescription x-rays, blood tests, and for physiotherapy treatments covered my medical plan.

Before I had a chance to act on any of those prescriptions, I happened to overhear you telling someone else (before a class in Pamela's home) that you had been cured from a lifetime of back pain in a few weeks. You recommended the person read a book by Dr. John Sarno, and I immediately asked if I could borrow it from you also.

I was in a lot of pain while reading Healing Back Pain, but when I got to Dr. Sarno's list of things to say to yourself on p. 82, I had an instant and remarkable recovery—at that moment.

Of course, the pain came back a while later, but I had had proof that his diagnosis is right and simple self-talk works. If I could only make it stick.

I went on to read Dr. Sarno's second book, The Mind-Body Prescription, and then joined the support group you organized.

As it turned out the support group was crucial to my recovery. While it was clear to me that I was suffering from TMS as described by Dr. Sarno, how to break down years of self-programming was another story.

The group meetings were short (under two hours) and pleasant. Group members related their struggles with TMS, but what was most helpful to me were your hand-outs and encouragement.

Within only three or so group meetings I was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. At the same time, with your advice, I committed to doing everything—walking, lifting heavy bags, playing with my grandchildren, etc. And I found that I was not worse—and, in fact, I was better.

Now I knew for certain that Dr. Sarno was right. And I was also sure that with just a little persistence, I would soon be fully cured.

It took a few more group sessions (altogether seven from start to finish) to make me aware of my hidden self-programming as well as of the placebos that I had built into my life.

I am now totally pain free. After a stressful day, a nudge might come back, but I just tell myself it's nothing and I tell my brain to send blood and oxygen to the affected area, and the pain (more like discomfort) passes in a few minutes.

I couldn't be more grateful to you for introducing me to the Dr. Sarno method.

I tell everyone I know that all it takes is a good guide (like you), an open mind, and a commitment to be well—to be well! The cure can be almost instant.

I feel young and free again. ....

Thanks a million for saving me from myself.

Love, Uriela Sagiv



thehealingpiano@yahoo.com / 212 802 7228



Here it is. I truly mean every word and wish I could write it as strongly as I feel it.

Love, Jana

I took piano lessons with Shoshannah for eight years. She was my first teacher. During that time I learned how to play the piano with great technique, versatility and feeling. I also learned a great deal of repetoire from Bach to Chopin to Gershwin to Billy Joel. However, most importantly, I learned how to be a true musician who thought deeply about all aspects of music. Not only did I grow immensely as a musician during these eight years, but what I learned in lessons with Shoshannah transferred into every area of my life. I gained an awareness and a confidence that was far beyond my age. I grew musically and I grew as a person. I learned how to look at life and music with only positive, optimistic thoughts... thoughts filled with love and hope.

Shoshannah is one of the few teachers who truly understands and can teach what it is to be a musician and all of the emotions, thoughts and pressures that come with it. It is not enough to just play the piano brilliantly... one has to understand music as a whole and one has to know themselves. I was blessed to have that kind of education from a piano teacher and that experience has directly brought me to where I am today.

I work as a professional musician in NYC. I often play in Broadway pits, conduct orchestras, conduct shows, do recordings, accompany opera singers, jazz singers and have occasionally played with rock bands. I studied music at Yale University. I have played at Avery Fisher Hall and worked with amazing composers and performers around the world. Currently I am Music Directing and Conducting a musical at Juilliard to celebrate their Centennial.

I truly believe that so much of what I do has been possible because of my lessons with Shoshannah. I have the musical versatility and confidence to approach any kind of musical project. I often tell my colleagues that the reason I am so versatile in many different musical genres is because I had a great teacher who stressed the importance of complete musicianship.

For example, I have a very strong sense of rhythm. This is because Shoshannah taught me African drumming patterns in addition to rhythm on the piano. Also, I can improv almost any type of music on the spot. This is because Shoshannah and I would incorporate theory and improv into almost every lesson. I don't know anyone else who was fortunate enough to have this type of experience so early on. It is very rare to find a teacher who can teach classical technique AND recognize the importance of being a well-rounded musician and a well rounded person.

I am extremely grateful and thankful for my lessons with Shoshannah. It is a very rare day that goes by when I don't think or refer back to something I learned during my lessons . I love the times when I can share with others all of the wonderful gifts I was given by Shoshannah that I carry with me and that are still blossoming in me with every new experience.

Jana Zielonka


Debra Maho wrote:

"In Gratitude to Shoshannah Sarah"

It has been a great pleasure to be the music student of Shoshannah Sarah. As a highly unique, multi-talented individual, she is charting an innovational path in music education. Not only does she bring to her lessons her extensive background in music theory, rhythm, improvisation, composition, arrangement and pedagogy, but she utilizes and beautifully incorporates her knowledge of human psychology and spirituality to fully transform a musician's music-making experience. As a music educator and performer, she is able to convey and emphasize not only the technical aspects of music but its significant spiritual aspects as well. As an avid improviser, Shoshannah emphasized the importance of developing my improvisational skills, an area which she believed would open up every possible door that existed to my piano playing. She taught me the importance of having a balance of music and silence in my improvisations, of being with every note in the present moment, of keeping a simplicity to my ideas and of recognizing the very subtle changes in my improvisations as profound.

Underlying all of our lessons together was Shoshannah's unique teaching methodology. From the outset, she insightfully analyzed my strengths and weaknesses as a pianist and knew exactly how best to teach me. Her method was not only successful but also incredibly enjoyable and meaningful for me. In addition to learning about the art of practicing, rhythm, improvising, composing and arranging, she helped me develop a very strong confidence in my innate creative abilities, an accomplishment that distinguishes only the very great of music educators.

From Shoshannah I realized that a piece of music must be approached by asking and noticing what happens energetically. I discovered that music is very much about energy and that humility is the key. I learned that I am not the one that is controlling my improvisations and that it is not about my own ego or about being right. Rather, it is about what is coming through me from Hashem (G-d). When a musician performs from the perspective of being an unfilled vessel (kli), waiting and ready for Hashem / GD to fill them up from above, their whole energy changes dramatically and although this change is subtle, this subtlety is everything. Moreover, I recognized that with the energy of Hashem/Gd coming through my improvisations, my creative source is limitless. Similarly, I learned that being a great musician is a fine balance between being creative and being more exacting while one is already in a creative flow. If a musician gets stuck with trying to be perfect, they lose their creativity and they are more focused on being right than on being great. Shoshannah enabled me to realize that being truly great comes from my feelings and spirituality.

In conclusion, Shoshannah taught me perhaps one of the most profound and significant aspects of music-making - what it means to be a truly creative person. A truly creative person is one who builds their trust in their own exploration process. With Shoshannah's guidance, I developed greater and greater confidence in my own intuition and creative process and found that with that attitude, there were no barriers to my continued musical development. I realized that ultimately, great music is predominantly the result of each musician's personal creative exploration. Shoshannah Sarah is a very special soul, a tremendous blessing to Jerusalem, and I am privileged to be among those who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with her. May Shoshannah continue to succeed in all of her endeavors with strength and joy and share her beautiful light with those around her.

Devorah Maho, Yerushalayim

Piano Lessons with Shoshannah Sarah

Bella Savran

Psychologist from Jerusalem

Shoshannah is a blend of several qualities which make studying piano with her a wonderful experience. First of all, she plays beautifully, which in itself is inspiring to students at any level. Her playing has such a moving, spiritual quality that two of her CD's were chosen as the background music for a film that was recently made by a Jewish charity organization (Ziv Tzedakah Fund). Shoshannah has a deep knowledge of many different kinds of music and of many different aspects of music, and teaches them in a clear and interesting way. She is warm, supportive, encouraging and patient, at the same time she is always guiding the student to strive for a better quality of playing. She has the ability to be both clearly focused on what needs to be learned at any given stage, and flexible enough to go where the student wants to go. She keeps the lessons stimulating and fun by constantly finding creative ways to teach the various things that need to be learned. In short, I enjoy my piano lessons with Shoshannah enormously and am learning a lot from her.

Shoshannah is a very creative piano teacher who infuses her lessons with spirituality. From her intimate studio, filled with a peaceful ambience, she gently guides her students through their lessons, offering constructive suggestions and inspiring them to extend their creativity to places they never knew existed. Shoshannah is open to her student's compositions and ideas and believes in the process as much as the final product. From the title of the composition to the chord arrangement, she cares about each aspect of her student's work. Shoshannah is truly that rare find the teacher as muse

Shoshannah is a very creative piano teacher who infuses her lessons with spirituality. From her intimate studio, filled with a peaceful ambience, she gently guides her students through their lessons, offering constructive suggestions and inspiring them to extend their creativity to places they never knew existed. Shoshannah is open to her student's compostitions and ideas and believes in the process as much as the final product. From the title of the compostition to the chord arrangement, she cares about each aspect of her student's work. Shoshannah is truly that rare find the teacher as muse.

Adam Goldman, 16 years old.

Music is a big part of my life Sometimes it gives me my only purpose. Music will be in my soul forever."
Russel Pasquale, 16 years old.

I want to be a piano teacher, concert pianist, and play with a symphony orchestra. When I play piano, I picture images in my mind. Music calms me down when I am upset, cheers me up when I am sad, and is there to celebrate with when I am happy. The piano is the best thing that ever happened to me!
Jennifer Fitzgerald,10 years old

i love to play the piano
i love to sing the songs
it looks so pretty when the piano shines at me
the piano is one of my best friends
when I go to sleep i sing my songs in my head
and everybody sings with me
Bonni Abramowitz, 6 years old.

What a feeling! All the words All the woe Washing off In the song
A special place Where I could exult And find hope Where I could pray And I could soar feelings strong Did carry me aloft
I needed some wings And found them Once again In the song
Jack Linder, adult

When I began piano, I wasn't very good at it. As I worked on it, it became easier and easier to play. I've been in three recitals already, and it doesn't feel that scary to me anymore. I even entered a competition and won the preliminaries. I dream of playing in Carnegie Hall, and the audience can't stop clapping for at least half an hour!!
Jana Zielonka, 8 years old.

i like the sound of music
and i like practicing
i like the sounds the piano makes - sweet music
i like when shoshannah teaches me all kinds of different songs
songs are high and low and fast and slow
some music makes me surprised
some music makes me happy
i am very proud tto play the piano and be in the recital
Bonnie Abromowitz, 5 years old.

Music is the highest form of communication possible. Music is the connection between a person's body, emotions and spirit. If I didn't play the piano, I would be disconnected from my feelings. Free Improvisation is the real test - it tells what's truly inside of you. People may lie with their words, but music tells the honest truth. That is why I love to play the piano so much - everything comes from the heart!
Michele Kaplan, 15 years old.

I love expressing my feelings on the piano. The piano is like a partner to me - someone I can trust and share my feelings with. I love to create - improvising and composing about life at my instrument through my heart. Music makes me feel alive spiritually - I want to tell everybody about it!!
Jennifer Pellitteri, 9 years old.

Music is important to me because it makes me feel better about myself. When I listen to music, it helps me to forget about the things that make me feel bad inside. When I play the piano, I can use my mind, body and emotions at the same time. One of my dreams is to perform in famous concert halls throughout the world.
Yoosun Chung, 16 years old.

This year I'm really learning how to play my music with feeling. By playing pieces by Debussy, I'm learning how to be with every note at each moment. I want to be a piano teacher and set up recitals. I could videotape myself, and see how I can improve. Afterwards, I would do a concert and rent the videotapes to the public!
Jana Zielonka, 9 years old.

Look outside that window from within you
and you'll find something meaningful
that words alone
are unable to express
that which is music
Renee Simon, adult

The piano feels like a good friend to me because it's always there to keep me company. Music is special to me because it allows me to express myself creatively. I play the piano, violin, recorder, harp ,dance, make art and stories. It takes alot of practicing and energy to be a good pianist and I feel that I practice very well.
Dorothy Hwang, 9 years old

Playing the piano feels like doing my homework at the desk. The desk is like the piano,and when I write, it feels like I'm playing the piano. I like to play the piano, however I don't always like to do my homework.
Yosuke Kikuchi, 6 years old.

i like when people clap for me
i like the sound of the high notes
like when a rainbow comes out
i like the sound of the middle notes
like raindrops falling on my head
i like the sound of the low notes
like a giant coming near me
i feel proud that i play music.
Michele Braverman, 6 years old.

I want to become a scientist to learn about dinosaur bones and other animals living in the past and the present. You can get very scientific about music - if you look inside the piano alot, you may know how to tune it and how the hammers and keys move together. My favorite composers are Mozart, Beethoven and Dvorak.
Michael Zielonka, 6 years old.

Sometimes I like playing the piano because sometimes I'm good at it. In school, I play piano for my class, and they like it.
Ernie Choi, 5 years old

When you play music, you can make up beautiful melodies. You have to move your body in special ways to make the sounds sound good. I used to be very scared that I wouldn't get my songs right, but now I'm finding that I can do it if I practice and believe in me
Allyson Jaffe, 6 years old.

Music is getting much easier for me. I'm able to move my arms and body better than last year. Moving my body helps me get more into the music. Playing my own creations feels best to me because I did it all myself. My family loves my piano playing and this makes me feel happy.
Allyson Jaffe, 7 years old.

To make beautiful music, I have to be completely there at the piano. So I have to be really good friends with the piano as if we are one person united.
Takako Yabe, 12 years old.

Singing and trailing my fingers along a glowing keyboard is one of the few euphoric diversions that makes me forget that I'm six feet tall.
Jordana Landres, 14 years old.

A best friend may turn on you, but the piano will always be there. It's there when you need it - if you have a problem and something is bothering you, you can play your feelings. When you're through you can feel much better. Don't forget the piano, or it will forget you.
Christina Butta, 12 years old.

I believe that I can be a great pianist because I can feel music in my bones. When I play the piano, suddenly I get so involved that I've forgotten all else around me, except myself in the music. I have ambition, talent, confidence and a good teacher.
Jennifer Fitzgerald, 9 years old.

My dream is to be a doctor and a pianist. To become a good piano player, it takes lots and lots and lots of practice, believing in yourself and a good teacher who teaches you HOW to practice. People who don't practice, fail and give up. People who do practice, succeed, have great pleasure, and maybe get a chance to play in Carnegie Hall. My teacher Shoshannah believes in me.
Danielle Axelrad, 9 years old.

I love the piano because how I play a song shows how I feel inside. Whether I feel happy, angry or sad, I can express the way I feel through my playing. I want to be a pediatrician and possibly dance and sing on Broadway.
Lisa Lo Presti, 8 years old.

I would like to play my own compositions in all different concert halls around the world. I think it will take a lot of work and conficence to be able to be well known. My own compositions come from my own heart and mind. Noone can take this away from you, but you can share it with everyone else.
Florence Segura, 12 years old.

When I play a song,it helps me think things out and makes me feel better if I'm hurt. When I grow up, I hope to be a school teacher while my kids are in school. When they're old enough to take care of themselves, I want to be a nurse to help others feel better.
Michele Petrocelli, 7 years old.

I used to be nervous to play in front of people, but now I'm not nervous anymore because I play alot for my family. The thing I like about playing in front of other people is knowing I have something special to share with them. Playing for others makes me feel important.
Karen Walker, 12 years old.

Did you ever try to express yourself
and not get the message through?
This is why music is so important to me
to express feelings with no need for words
Did you ever try to look for understanding and it isn't there?
My piano knows me inside and out
So when I'm feeling the blues it doesn't shout
When I think I have nothing
Music gives me something
I learn - I fail - then I succeed.
Michelle Kaplan, 14 years old.



thehealingpiano@yahoo.com, 212 802 7228

Shoshannah's music truly has the power to heal - a generous donation of her CD's was gratefully received by terror victims of Israel, and her music is a source of inspiration and hope to them, as it can be for everyone."
Reviewer: Mickey Weinberg
Director of OneFamilyFund.com

"Heavenly music touching the deepest and holiest places."
Reviewer: Reb Shlomo Carlebach Z"L
Prolific song writer,Label recording artist, Spiritual Teacher

This CD has helped me move my myself on more than 5 occasions from a place of depression to a place of feeling bonded with the Holy One Above. Additionally, my daughter sometimes requests, relaxes and falls asleep to the comforting sounds of this music."
Reviewer : Daniel Levi, Fan

"One of the most talented and uniquely imaginative pianists and composers that I ever had the pleasure to work with."
Reviewer : David Darling,Cellist for ECM,Narada,Hearts of Space Labels

"Mesmerizing our television audiences with her golden sound, Shoshannah's mind-traveling music is very tender, very spiritual and very healing... a royal treat for the heart."
Reviewer : Joe Franklin, Nationally Syndicated T.V. and Radio Talk Show Host, Channel 9

"Like voices from our past, Shoshannah's music resonates memory, dreams and heart."
Reviewer : Steve Gorn, "World Music" Label Recording Artist

"Shoshannah's music puts me in a place of clear simple light-being. It connects me with the gentler forces of nature as if the pianist was caressing water itself. This is heart-centered music with a playful spirit. I highly recommend it and I hope many will hear."
Reviewer : Laraaji, "Ambient Music" Label Record Artist

"A top notch pianist with music of exceptional divine beauty, Shoshannah is graced with an ability to express her emotions and prayers through the keys straight to the heart of the listener. Gifts from Heaven - music therapy for body and soul."
Reviewer : Third Age Records, Jerusalem, Israel

"After I finished listening to your music I had tears rolling down my face, not because I was sad, but becasue it made me feel so many different emotions. These emotions that I felt were one's that most people only dream about in this lifetime... your music has touched me down to my soul."
Reviewer : Appreciative Fan, Queens Tribune

"It really is too bad that we are only able to give a 5-star rating, when anyone who has listened to Shoshannah's "Gifts from Heaven" piano solo clearly knows this is a multi-star recording (yes, straight from the 7th Heaven). Thus, for us mere-mortals who have no connection beyond the seventh Heaven; I'll give it a ...7-star rating! I had the special privilege of not only meeting Shoshannah, but actually having a 2-hr piano/music lesson with her. After attempting to play the piano for 45 years, I so-o-o wish I could have comprehended and actualized the sheer beauty of the musical Kabbalah which flows through her and manifests itself through her fingers hovering above those 88 keys. Though I am an avid, and critical, listener of classical music, I highly recommend this recording; yes, even to those still stuck in the 18th Century! Her high-octave technique is truly remarkable and the weave and mixing of patterns and themes could possibly be a modern-day response of meditative emotions as fugue. It is truly amazing music which (as other reviewers have commented) I could [and do] listen to over & over & over again.                                                                                                                                                                                                    Reviewer:Asher Wade, World Lecturer,Rabbi,Clinical Psychologist

"Prayerful music about the universal oneness of G-d. There is meaning in every note."
Reviewer : Chai Lights Magazine, Northridge, California

"Shoshannah offers a musical sanctuary of beauty, harmony and love . . . An experience of pure joy and beauty."
Reviewers : Sources Magazine and New Age Retailer

"Shoshannah's piano style is both technically dazzling and emotionally compelling with wonderfully fluid changes connecting the flowing themes."
Reviewer : Lloyd Barde, Backroads Distributors, Corte Madera, Ca.

"Beautiful healing music by a masterful player with an obvious gift for letting the music come right on through."
Reviewer: Susan Osborn, New Age Soloist for Paul Winter Consort "Very high music bringing forth one's spiritual nature."
Reviewer: Tera Kota, African Reggae Star

"A gifted tunesmith with a flawless technique.Inspired melodies with a "Tam' ... a taste of yiddishkite that flows in a modern musical setting."
Reviewer: Jerry Sperling, Prolific Composer for Giora Fiedman

"Shoshannah's evocative and expressive piano compositions range from gentle and pensive to exotic and dancelike. The breadth of her musical imagination and masterful technique is well shown on this album of piano gems..."
Reviewer: Kay Gardener, Leading Healing Music Educator/Author,Label Recording Artist

"Lofty and Magical!Shoshannah is a wonderful pianist, full of passion and love that comes across as you listen to her wonderful inspirations. Just heavenly..."
Reviewer : Riva Schertzman, professional pianist of Riva & Aviva

"Shoshannah's music has integrity. Everything has deep feeling as well as a calming effect, two elements that you wouldn't necessarily think can go together until you've heard this music. Most surprisingly, though, the third element present here is real pianism. Shoshannah is a pianist who can play in the virtuoso tradition, and with an incredible palette of tone color, yet never ever at the expense of the integrity that I mentioned earlier. These three kinds of playing--depth, calm and virtuosity--come together in a unique way..."
Reviewer : Shlomo Schnall, Professional Israel Jazz pianist, Jerusalem

"SHOSHANNAH'S MUSIC IS SIMPLY THERAPY FOR THE SOUL: Gifts from Heaven is truly a heavenly gift. I am so happy I bought this CD! I often listen to it for hours on end. She achieves just the right touch for me - lyrical and relaxing. I can't wait to hear her next collection of gems.
Reviewer : Michoel Simpson, Fan

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shoshannah does it again! Her music has thrilled me since my first listen. Her new Cd Soul Journey rocked me! I felt like i was being rocked in a loved ones arms. It's the kinda music that makes you want more and more and more and... "                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Reviewer : Shakti, Spiritual Author, U.S.A.

"SOUL MUSIC OF THE HIGHEST CALIBUR:They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is of course true, but the same can be said for music. The emotions, visualizations and truths music elicits is also equal to a thousand words. It is soul music of the highest caliber and takes you on a real journey of the soul. I recommend it to one and all.
Reviewer : Avraham Arieh Trugman, Spiritual Author, Jerusalem

"MUSIC THAT RELEASES YOUR ENERGY BLOCKS: Shoshannah's music is amazing, there is simply no other way to put it. I have never met anyone who did not connect with it. Your inner resources reveal themselves as the artist's gentle strains lead you deeper into your soul, toward tranquility and oneness. Certainly much better than any supplemental tranquilizer!"
Reviewer : Sara Gold , Psycho-Spiritual Healing

"Transformational and healing-it is the best album I heard ever."
Reviewer : Rebbetzin Marilyn Levovitz,Fan

"One simply marvels at the sheer beauty of the musical Kabbalah which flows through her and manifests itself through her fingers "hovering" above those 88 keys. Her high-octave technique is truly remarkable and the weave and mixing of patterns and themes could possibly be a modern-day response of meditative emotions as fugue. It is truly amazing music which I and my children (who are also her avid fans) listen to over & over & over again."                                                                               Reviewer:Asher Wade, World Lecturer,Rabbi,Clinical Psychologist

"BEAUTIFUL SOUL MUSIC INSPIRES!:A wonderful album, enjoyed by the whole family. We keep it in our permanent collection to inspire us and instill us with joy. Beautiful!"
Reviewer :Jake White, Fan

"Absolutely Beautiful, a pleasure to hear! This CD is enjoyed by all who come into my home. Actually, they usually ask me to order them one also. So, I am ordering 2, 4 or more at a time. I can not say enough good words, except it is a must have. Awesome work!!!"
Reviewer : Patricia Skewes, Fan

I first heard "Gifts from Heaven" in the Old city of Jerusalem. It was night and the sounds flowed in between the buildings and I stopped to enjoy it like one stops to smell the aroma of home cooked food. I followed the sound to the store, bought the tape and played it until it wore out. When I played the music loudly in my dorm room, on many occations my friends stopped in and asked about the music. They too were caught by the "aroma". Thank you so much."
Reviewer : Suri Cohen, Fan

"SOULFUL, PLAYFUL, DEEPLY PENETRATING:When I listen to the music, there is a deep inner calm. As if my body can lean into the vibration. Inspiring and opening, I've already started using it. As a professional television writer, I can put this on and let the music help me get access to my own inner voice. Thank you.
Reviewer : Sara Cooper,Fan

"When I want to be lifted up above the kitchen, when I want everyone at home to be happily serene and in touch with our feelings, I put on Shoshannah's music."
Reviewer : Sarah Shapiro, Spiritual Author, Jerusalem